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Q. I cannot believe that I am writing to you for fashion advice.  I feel that I am pretty fashion savvy and pride myself on being appropriately dressed for every occasion.  Here is my dilemma:  I just bought a cream colored Theory sundress.  It is two layers of gauzy material and when I first picked it up, I thought it might be see-through.  But when I tried it on I could not even see the red Hanky Pankys I was wearing.  It was just what I was looking for—perfect for my honeymoon in Greece later this summer.  This morning, I tried on the dress again and found that it is in fact VERY see-through in proper lighting.  Now, here is my question: what is the appropriate type of slip to wear with a sundress/slip dress that will not be bulky or look funny with a gauzy dress. I am 27 years old and have never worn a slip! 
-Peek a Boo 

A. Slips seem to be a thing of the past.  You’re best options are to wear a camisole of thin material in a nude shade or a nude bra paired with a nude thong or hipster brief.  If you want a little more coverage, go for a bodysuit style also in nude. None of these will add bulk and they’ll give you coverage without showing off underneath.


Donna Karan Intimates:
Solutions Camisole
$68 at


Body by Nancy Ganz
Sheer solutions bodybriefer
$38 at

Wacoal Shapewear Camisole
$60 at

Q. I have a semi-formal evening wedding to which I am wearing a knee length black and white skirt and black formal halter top.  It’s in the South at a country club. Do I have to wear hose with my sandal? What kind of sandals would you suggest?
-Clueless Dresser 

A. Skip the hose. Stylish southerners know that when the heat is on, hose just makes y’all sticky and constricted.  Choose a mid to high heel to give the appearance of having longer legs.  And certainly with hotter temperatures and it being a festive occasion, go for a strappy black or silver sandal with perhaps extra details like satin fabric, a small bow or even a few small rhinestones.  And get yourself a pretty pedicure in a soft nail color—no blaring reds.

Q. I have a pair of white unlined pants—should I cut all pockets out and have them sewn together?
-See Through 

19444 41405 H011006M-1A. After having models try on countless pairs from various designers in all price ranges for our recent Today show segment, we were surprised by how many designers make pants that are nearly see-through.  For pants with pockets that seem glaringly apparent, we do suggest taking them to a tailor to have the pockets cut out and the hole sewn closed.  This can create a sleeker, smoother look. 

Since transparent whites seem to be rampant among so many designers, make sure you also wear the right undergarments to avoid attracting any undue lingering attention - NEVER wear white, color or prints.  My favorite is the Barely There Flawless Fit in nude.  The bikini doesn’t ride up and is made of incredibly soft, thin fabric. The boy short version is also an excellent option for no VPL (visible panty lines).

$6.99 at

Q. Help!  I have a date Saturday night.  I want to wear wedge-style or strappy style dress shoes, but am insistent on wearing black nylons to go with my dress.  Is this okay?  I can’t find any closed-toe shoes that I like.  I would go with a lighter black nylon if necessary.  The dress is knee length and since I had weight loss surgery in January, my knees and thighs are a little droopy so I really want the support of the nylons.  Your prompt answer would be greatly appreciated.
-Nylon Know How   

A16DkhA. Hosiery with strappy sandals or full sandal style wedges is a no-no with sheer hosiery.  Sheer hose looks best with pumps, slingbacks,  D’Orsays or you can even get by with a peep toe pump.  Fashionistas wear tights in colder temps with some strappy styles, but it truly takes attitude to pull it off and the tights are usually a color, not black.  And look for black sheer hosiery that has some built in shaping like Donna Karan Sheer Satin Essential Toners ($16.50 at

Q. I love, love, love the dress you wore on the Tyra Banks show.  Can you tell me who makes it?
-Dress Impressed 

Detail1 1426-1A. Thanks for the compliment about the dress I wore on Tyra Banks.  These days, I am dress-buying obsessed and someone probably needs to restrain me! This nifty dress is by Conspiracy 8 and comes in two color ways: black with blue trim or chocolate with orange trim (currently on sale for $123 at It is fairly low cut so be prepared to show a little cleavage, my fave right now is to pair it with the new Wonderbra Light Lift bra.

Wonderbra Light Gel
Push-Up Underwire Bra
$21.99 at

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