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Q. I have a Saturday evening affair in mid September and I am wearing a knee length black cocktail dress. What color stocking is acceptable. I have been seeing a lot of comments saying sheer nude is acceptable.

Middleton-nude-hosiery.jpgA. My first preference would be to wear no hosiery since the weather is rather mild in September. However, if you are more comfortable in hosiery, you can try black hosiery or even a fashion-forward lace hosiery.

There is a lot of buzz lately about sheer nude hosiery, especially since Kate and Pippa Middleton have been seen wearing a lot of nude hosiery lately. In fact, according to New York Magazine and WWD , there is an increased demand in nude hose over the past year with an 85% increase in sales in the U.K. and 12% increase in the U.S. — largely credited to the Middleton sisters. Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton, and Hayden Panettiere have also been spotted wearing nude hose over the past few months.

The key to wearing nude hosiery is to find an ultra-sheer style that most closely matches your skin tone. Here are some options worth exploring:

Q. I’ve got a soon approaching wedding reception to go to and after going crazy have finally found the dress I am going to wear. A little number hidden in the back of my closet, an off-white mini-sundress with ruffles —PERFECT for a lake side wedding. Only issue with the dress is that because it is made of linen, and not lined, it is see-though in direct sunlight. To not give my boyfriend’s family a show, I’ve been trying to find solutions to my dilemma and have run into a brick wall. Every half-slip or full slip is either too long or the cut isn’t right at the neck. Please be the gurus I know you are and help me figure out what I can do.


A. We can definitely help you find the correct underpinning for your unlined sheer dress. Since the top is closer to the body and you will likely be wearing a bra, you will only need a skirt-style slip for the bottom half; one that is short enough to wear under a mini dress.

That being said, you may want to think twice about wearing a white dress to a wedding. Though your linen mini dress can hardly be considered bridal, there are many who feel that a guest should never wear white to a wedding. If you are looking to impress your boyfriend’s family, consider whether they are traditional-minded when it comes to fashion before you wear white. Also, bear in mind that an all-linen dress will easily wrinkle, so you may not look as polished as you’d like after stepping out of the car.

Q. I have a dress that comes right above the knee and is pretty sheer. What would you suggest I wear under it? Do people still make “slips”?

slips-180.jpgA. To some, the thought of a slip sounds rather old fashioned, but it is often a necessity to wear under sheer or unlined clothing. Today’s slips offer many added benefits including shaping, slimming and smoothing your silhouette. Spanx, Sassybax and Flexees offer several shaping options from half slips to full shoulder-to-thigh slips. If you prefer a more traditional slip, there are many lightweight silky options, including some peek-a-boo slips with lacy details that are meant to be seen.

Whatever option you prefer, we recommend choosing a nude color which closely matches your skin tone so you’ll get the most wear out of it with a variety of skirts and dresses in your closet. Here are some of our favorite slips with a range of benefits and price ranges:

Q. I’m so tired of my bra straps showing when I wear summer dresses and sleeveless tops. I’m not a fan of strapless bras, so what else can I do to keep my straps under wraps?


A. This is a problem I often face as well. You have a few options to help keep bra straps in place, depending on the kind of top you are wearing:

  • Opt for a racerback or convertible bra that will help keep bra straps closer to your neck without sliding down onto your shoulders.
  • If you’re not ready to invest in a new bra, try an inexpensive bra strap converter that helps turn a standard bra into a racerback.
  • Use double stick fashion tape to temporarily adhere straps to your top to keep them from peeking out.
  • Have little lingerie snaps sewn into your tops and dresses to keep bra straps in place.

strip-shirt_300.jpgQ. My button front shirts always gap across my boobs. I wear minimizers, so what else can I do?

A. Wearing the right bra is part of the equation, but it’s often not enough to help prevent shirts and blouses from puckering between the buttons, a common problem for women with larger chests. Here are a few tricks for making a button-down shirt work for you:

  • Find a button-front shirt that fits well and doesn’t pull across your chest, even if it’s too big everywhere else. Take it to a tailor to have the rest of the shirt properly fitted. Your new “custom” shirt will be well worth the extra $10 or $20 for a proper fit.

  • If your shirt fits fairly well across your chest but still gaps, use invisible double stick clothing tape to help prevent the puckering. Or for a more permanent solution, you can try sewing a small piece of velcro in between the buttons.

  • Try wearing a pretty camisole under your shirt. Unbutton the buttons that are gaping for a quick and stylish solution.

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