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Q. I love wearing tights with high heels, but how do I prevent my feet from slipping inside my shoes!

A. It sounds to me like your shoes may not fit properly. We are huge fans of Foot Petals products which offer various shoe inserts to help your shoes fit better. If this doesn’t keep your foot from sliding, you might want to try a little double-stick wardrobe tape like Topstick on the soles of your tights to help prevent slippage. Finally, you might want to opt for heels with ankle straps or t-straps which will help keep your foot in place.

Q. I’m small-chested (34A) and whenever I wear my strapless bras (and i’ve tried a number of them: Victoria’s Secret, Gap, etc.), if i have them on under a snug fitting top, i get a highly unattractive “dent” across my breasts where the top of the cup meets my skin. Yes, i’ve tried the bras specifically designated as “smooth” for supposedly seamless coverage. Can you please help me? Thanks!

A. My guess is that the bras you’ve tried so far have been bandeau-style (straight across at the top) which can often give the appearance of a dent. Instead, look for bras that dip down in the middle that help give more of a lift than a flattening effect. If you are still experiencing a “dent”, then it is possible that you are choosing a cup size that is too small, try a 32B or 34B instead.

If these solutions still don’t work for you and you are truly an A cup, then I suggest skipping the bra entirely and wearing one of the nipple covers we recommended here.

Here are some strapless suggestions to try:

Q. I am 46 years old and have a young look with a slim build. My problem is that I have small breasts and don’t like to wear a bra as I really don’t need one. I don’t like the padding and most are tight around my rib cage and uncomfortable. Is there a bra that conceals my nipples without being too much?

A. Lucky you if you’re able to go bra-less! If your goal is merely to conceal nipples, then your best bet is to try these bra alternatives:

sassynips.jpg.jpegSassybax Sassynips - Made from Soufflé technology, these adhesive nipple concealers are so light, natural and comfortable, no one will know you are wearing them but you. Each patch is approximately the size of a half dollar and can be washed and reused up to 50 times. $18

Fashion Forms Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals With Travel Case - Silicone petals that offer a smooth look with or without a bra. Can be worn up to 25 times. $15

Fashion Forms Breast Petals 3-Pack - 3 pairs of disposable no-show designed petals that have padded centers, and are great for wearing with or without your bra. $6

Pure Style Girlfriends Smooth’em Nipple Concealers - Dim the headlights the easy way! These re-usable silicone discs create a seamless silhouette as they conceal nipples with a gentle adhesive. They’re tapered to lay flat and they adhere gently to the breasts for a natural and seamless look. Waterproof and sweatproof, reusable up to 20 times. $17

Q. I’ve started looking into gel-ly adhesive bras because strapless bras usually don’t fit comfortably on me, or the gel sides that prevent the bra from falling down bother me a lot, and I just wanted to ask you if you had any insights toward them. I was just wondering if you guys knew any other good adhesive bras besides the NuBra? Most of the results of my Googling were mainly about the NuBra, but I don’t know If I’d be comfortable in one, so I’m not ready to shell out $60 just yet.

A. Adhesive, backless bras are the perfect solution to wear under strapless, backless or one-shoulder tops and dresses. Although you can find some that fit size C and up, it’s important to note that these styles work best for women who are a small C or smaller, or who don’t require a lot of lift and support.

The NuBra is one of the most popular styles and can be worn over and over again. The NuBra Ultralite is a less expensive version, available for $32. An alternative to the reusable bras is the Adhesive Body Bra which can be worn 6 times and costs $12 or the disposable one-time-use Fashion Forms Adhesive Bra which costs $8 for one pair.

Our advice? If you’re unsure if an adhesive, backless bra will work for you, start with one of the options for $12 or less. If you are pleased with the bra, then the reusable NuBra will be worth the investment.

(P.S. get 10% off any of the above styles through 7/31/09, click here)

8450fas.jpeg 16121fas.jpeg

Q. I purchased a white pattern light transparent dress for Easter, bought myself a full slip to avoid panty lines, but then ended up not wearing the dress because I wasn’t sure if I should wear underwear under the shaper slip. Does the shaper replace the underwear? I wouldn’t want anybody to see my bare butt under the dress when I was outdoors on a sunny day. Thanks.

Camisole Shaper Slip.pngA. What a great question. Whether or not to wear underwear underneath shapewear is a personal decision, though I am from the camp that does. There are many women who go bare underneath stockings, Spanx, etc. However, going bare underneath a slip is a bit risky - it’s really no different than going panty-less under a dress or skirt. So, to be safe (and sanitary), you’re better off wearing a seamless thong or panties under your shaper slip.

Cass Luxury Shapewear: Camisole Shaper Slip
$128 at

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