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Q. I’m a 27 year old who recently moved from the rolling plains of Mississippi to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The weather of course is drastically different. I would like to wear skirts to work but some seem to look better with bare legs. I feel I’m too young to wear old lady panty-hose but don’t want my legs to freeze. I do wear tights but it all depends on the outfit. What are the age guidelines for hosiery? I don’t want to look too old or too young for my age.

A. Whether you choose opaque black or colored tights, textured hosiery or even sheers this season, hosiery has never been more stylish. You almost can’t go wrong with whatever legwear you choose. That being said, there are a few tips to remember:

1. When wearing nude hosiery, make sure it is an ultra sheer shade that matches your skin tone. The quickest road to “old lady” hosiery (as you put it) is to wear nudes that are too dark or light for your legs or are too opaque.

2. Don’t wear white tights unless you are 7 years old.

3. Though sheer colored hosiery is a trend this season, it is easier to wear tights during the day instead. Unless the rest of your outfit is very fashion forward, you risk looking dated (or older) with your sheers.

If you prefer to wear bare legs and the weather isn’t too cool, then by all means, go for it!

Q. I have spent more money than I care to admit on body-shaping undergarments that either just don’t work or are so uncomfortable I take them off half-way through the night. I want a serious tummy-cincher that doesn’t roll down. Is there such a thing?

A. We know exactly what you mean - so many tummy shapers roll down or require constant adjusting. There are a few options for you that will stay put while trimming your tummy, and are even comfortable to boot!


Yummie Tummie: Hip Length Shapewear Tank

This tank flawlessly slims your midsection and camouflages lumps and bumps. Its longer length means it won’t roll up while the tummy panel firmly shapes and smoothes bustline to hips.

$62 at


SPANX: Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

This shaper comfortably slims your tummy, thighs and rear. It even accentuates your waistline! PLUS, Slim Cognito attaches to your own bra in four places so it won’t roll down.

$72 at


Flexees: Weightless Power Singlet

This body briefer is made of sleek, stretch microfiber that shapes and slims from bust to thighs with a two-ply tummy panel for extra control. One piece styling will never roll. Wear your own bra underneath.

$50 at

Q. What are the rules for wearing black opaque tights with colored shoes? I keep seeing pictures of models with this combination, but what about in real life? I have a pair of royal blue patent peep toe wedges I’d love to wear, which I think I can get by with, and also a pair of tan peep toe heels with an ankle strap, is the tan too much of a stretch?

A. Opaque tights are a great way to wear peep toe styles in cooler weather. You can wear dark tights with dark shoes for a classic, leg elongating look, or opt for contrasting colors for a fun, modern look. Colorful tights paired with dark shoes or dark tights paired with colored shoes (like your blue patent wedges) add style to any outfit. For your tan peep toes, experiment with colors other than black, like gray (shown below) or cranberry. Textured tights can add another layer of interest to your look.
odl.jpgQ. I have been very surprised lately to see a lot of sheer hose in magazines - is sheer hose back “in”?

A. In addition to the opaque tights you’ve come to love, sheer hosiery has made a return to style this season. Designers are showing everything from sheer black and colored hosiery to sheer shiny, glossy styles and textures. Whether you choose to play it safe or take some risks, the good news is, virtually anything goes when it comes to hosiery this fall.

If you’re looking to invest in a few pairs, check out - they’ve got a huge selection of sheer, opaques, colored hosiery and more.

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