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Q. Why can’t I buy Prada’s footless knee highs anymore, and are there any imitations out there?

A. I’ll admit I didn’t fall for these. While fanciful and truly trendy I don’t think I personally could pull them off, but I applaud the stylish gal that can strut down the street in her pair. I also would rather buy a pair of over the knee Falke cashmere socks for the price tag than pay $50 for the Prada footless knee highs. However, in my quest to help you strut your stuff, I did multiple online searches and even on Ebay they were sold out. I visited the Prada store on Fifth Avenue in New York City and they informed me that they have been completely sold out and impossible to find.

The Prada Version:

Prada’s footless knee highs

For some less than exact imitations you could get crafty and cut out the foot of a pair of knee highs and create your own pair. Or try these Trasparenze Esmerelda Footless Over The Knee Leggings at - just fold down the top to get the look of a sock.

Trasparenze Esmerelda Footless Over The Knee Leggings

Q. I live in NYC and I am attending a 40th HS reunion on Nov. 1.  My question is: Do I wear stockings with black suede peep toe shoes?  I bought a stunning black and brown dress and the suede pumps have a bit of brown on the edge of the peep toe.  Do I wear stockings?  Do I wear tights?  I do not think that the dress and shoes would look right with no stockings.
-Leg Show

A. We girls at StyleBakery, have been advising our stylish friends to wear opaque tights with peep toes this Fall. Just be sure to tuck the seam of the tights under your toes so they don’t show through the peep toe opening.

Q. My weight has gone up & down over the years, so as you can imagine finding clothes that fit is a problem. However, I have recently joined a gym as I am determined to lose 35 lbs. In addition to joining, I have a personal trainer for the next three months. It wasn’t so hard to find my workout clothes & sports bras, but my bottom is a challenge. I have always used "Barely There" intimates, but since I have a belly & have gained weight, they really don’t support it.

I have two questions: What kind of panties are best for working out? How can I find a perfect fit that will also be comfortable for everyday wear?
-Losin’ It

A.  High five to you for your determination to lose the weight! Look for a higher cut brief or thong in a microfiber fabric to help wick away moisture and help flatten your tummy. Skip shapewear pieces when you’re working out so you can focus on pulling in your tummy all on your own and be comfortable.  These panties can also be worn under your everyday clothes:

Moving Comfort Micro ThongMoving Comfort Seamless ThongSpeed Boy Short,

1. Moving Comfort Micro Thong, $15 at
2. Moving Comfort Seamless Thong, $15 at
3. Speed Boy Short, $17.99 at (Check out other styles from for panties that wick moisture and offer an abrasion, rub free workout.)

Warner's Without A Stitch Hi-Cut Brief Jockey No Panty Line Promise Hip Brief Barelythere Flawless Fit Microfiber Hi-Cut Brief

4.  Warner’s Without A Stitch Hi-Cut Brief, $7.60 at
5.  Jockey No Panty Line Promise Hip Brief, $8.50 at
6.  Barelythere Flawless Fit Microfiber Hi-Cut Brief, $7.20 at

Q. There is a question in a magazine that asks:  what do you always wear underneath a body-skimming dress?  They list four choices, from which one should be selected.  They all make sense to me depending upon the dress.  Which is the one that should always be worn? The answers to choose from are: thigh-shrinking hosiery; curve-accentuating bra; derriere-lifting underwear; tummy-flattening shape wear. If you have an opinion, I would love to hear it. 
-Baffled by Choices

A. I don’t know what the magazine answer was, but nobody has the same body so there is no one correct answer.  One or several can apply depending on the fit, and of course how you want to look in the dress.  While some of us may seek cleavage, others will want to look as slim and smooth as possible. Don’t  let a Q & A intimidate you, just aspire to look and feel good in your clothes.

For specific tips on what to wear under your clothes, check out our style recipe Underneath It All.

Q. I am quite small on top (just under b-cup) and I’m in a wedding in September. Bridesmaids will be wearing long black strapless satin gowns. I have always had trouble keeping strapless dresses up without puffing out my chest all night, and even when they are tailored just for me they still seem to fall down eventually or keep me pulling and adjusting constantly. I’m wondering if there is some kind of bra or chicken cutlet type insert that will keep my dress up and as a bonus make me look like I have more in that department as well. Many thanks!
-B-cup Bridesmaid

A. I know your annoyance first hand. I still remember raising my hands while dancing at my prom and my dress dropped down for a quick expose. Thankfully, I was speedy with my hands and no one noticed, but what a drag it can be to fidget all night.

Due to many past dress adjustments I went searching for the best strapless bras. I found three styles that work for me:

* One from Victoria’s Secret that doesn t give me any extra in the breast department, but stays in place

* For a little "somethin’ somethin’" I always reach for my Wonderbra strapless that stays in place and gives me sudden cleavage. It has built in side padding to create lift and cleavage and the interior of the bra "sticks" better to your body.

* A third option for coverage is an adhesive bra from Fashion Forms that basically sticks "chicken cutlets" onto your breasts for strapless coverage and adds a little more to your cup sie.

While you say a bra is not necessarily the answer, you may want to ask a tailor to sew a bra into the dress to help keep it up. There are also adhesive bands just like those on strapless bras that can be sewn into the top band of the dress to help stick it to your body. My other suggestion is to get matching fabric to the dress, and with the bride’s blessing, have thin spaghetti straps added to the the dress to avoid your impending concerns. Just be sure the fabric matches and it doesn’t diminish the style of the dress.

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