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Q. I’ve had this really simple question for years: my body is slim with basically no boobs at all. I usually go for the Wonderbra for a little help, but when I’ve worn a dress or a summer shirt with no bra, many people have told me it looks great and that someone with my complexion can get away with the no-boobs look. So, what do you think, should I stop wearing a bra? Or is it a terrible style sin? By the way, I’m a 22 year old university student.
-Small Chested

 Fashion Forms: Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals With Travel Case A.  I’m all for the freedom of going sans bra when you are small chested or as you say, “no boobs at all” when it comes to wearing a halter top, tube top, sundress and those lazy days when you want to be super comfortable. It’s good to have the option of going without or getting a little or a lot of help from a Wonderbra.  Just be sure the tops aren’t see-through and consider getting gel petals for a smooth look when you don’t want to wear a bra.

Q. I have been a faithful Spanx consumer from the get go. In the summer I wear the footless or the power panties and I have tried all of their camisoles. But recent purchases reveal that the new boy pant shorts roll up as do the high waist ones. The camisoles are the worst. Have they changed designers? I have been wearing Flexees camisoles and they are great. I love the Flexees boy shorts but they do not come in small. Any suggestions?
-Intimate Changes

A. I find boy shorts (or as many designers refer to them now: ”girl” shorts) to roll up my butt as well. I like the one from Hanes, but for hip and thigh shaping, the bike short styles usually work best. I’ve had great results on real women makeovers with Donna Karan The Body Perfect collection and Flexees as well. I found two boy short styles in small from Flexees so perhaps the store you’ve been buying from hasn’t purchased them in smaller sizes. Two of our favorite intimate internet shops are and, so check out the multiple options online. My partners, Jen and Beth, at StyleBakery also like Sassybax camisoles for the breast support and torso slimming effects, plus they’re virtually invisible under your clothes. The camisoles come with and without underwire.

 Flexees: One Fabulous Body Boyshort Flexees: One Fabulous Body Sew Free Moderate Control Boyshort Sassybax: Torso Trim Underwire Trim Camisole Donna Karan Hosiery: The Body Perfect Collection Level 1 High Waist Embrace Brief

left to right:
1. Flexees: One Fabulous Body Boyshort, $25
2. Flexees: One Fabulous Body Sew Free Moderate Control Boyshort, $16
3. Sassybax: Torso Trim Underwire Trim Camisole, $75
4. Donna Karan Hosiery: The Body Perfect Collection Level 1 High Waist Embrace Brief, $40

Q. My best friend has absolutely no booty to speak of, but now after all this time she wants one. We have been searching everywhere for a fanny panty. She really wants to find one before we go jean shopping next week.
-Booty Builder

A. I helped a girl on Tyra get the “bootylicious” look she always wanted with the help of a fanny-enhanced panty. Of course, I would have gladly given up some of my naturally enhanced butt if I could. If your friend wants to pull off the look, then be sure she tries on the padded panties, likes them and then tries on multiple pairs of jeans with and without them. She’ll either have to love the jeans with and without the special panties or only wear those jeans with the panties, which means she’ll need to buy two pairs of jeans.

Huit  Just A Kiss padded shorty with cupsTatiana Low Rise Formed Buttock Enhancer Brief PantyNearly Me Hip & Rear Padded Panties

left to right: Huit Just A Kiss padded shorty with cups, $55 at; Tatiana Low Rise Formed Buttock Enhancer Brief Panty, $33 at; Nearly Me Hip & Rear Padded Panties, $44 at

Q. I have been searching the web for this answer and came across your website. I am hosting a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents at a very nice banquet facility. I have purchased a tea length, thin strapped, mauve colored dress, (with jacket), that is very sheer. The dress does have a “slip” of the same color underneath but you can still see my legs right through the dress. I heard about the Spanx brand undergarments and purchased the Higher Power bodysuit in nude color and will also be wearing a strapless bra under this ensemble. My issue is that you can still see my legs and I do not feel comfortable with this at all. Is it appropriate to be seen like that? Do I find/purchase a longer slip to go underneath? Do I go without? Do I wear nude nylons with my strappy sandals?
-Wary of Baring it

A. Slips do tend to be an item of the past. And it seems like you are doing quite a bit of intimate layering already. As long as the most intimate parts of you are covered then you should feel confident to walk around the party.

And nylons with a strappy sandal is generally a no-no unless you wear a peep toe. You don’t want to “scream” that you are wearing hosiery so the less strappy the better.

Q. Is it acceptable to wear “sandalfoot” hose with strappy sandals and a knee-length dress? I have a black-tie gala to attend but have shins that look like, well, (at 30 with 2 kids) I’ve been playing soccer with no shin-guards…should I go with the hose and sandals or go with a less-fancy black pump?
-Black and Blue Shins

A. I’m not a fan of hosiery in the summer. Would tinted body moisturizer help diminish the look of your bruised shins? If you choose hosiery, be sure it’s sheer sandalfoot and go for a transparent style or a sheer that matches your dress. Make sure any visible seams are tucked underneath your toes. And don’t wear too strappy a sandal that completely shows off the hosiery.

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