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It finally started feeling like fall here in the northeast this week and nothing makes me happier than crisp, autumn weather. Why? Because it means that it’s officially boot weather.

To celebrate, I stepped out this weekend in my brand new Timberland Earthkeepers™ Rudston Waterproof Pull-On Boots for a full schedule of some of my favorite fall activities: shopping, eating, pumpkin picking, and walking around town soaking up the fresh air. Not only did my new boots look great, they were also super comfortable — even after two full days of a lot of walking.

I knew these boots were going to be comfortable, thanks to the anti-fatigue footbed and sturdy 2.5 inch heel, but I didn’t expect them to be quite so comfortable after so much walking. Add to that the fact that they are made of full-grain waterproof leather and I may not take them off until summer.

Available in 4 colors, $220.

Timberland® Go out and be you™ Click here to shop now!

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Tees Under $30 from StyleMint by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen can now add another credit to their endless list of chic ventures: Consider it the online haunt for all of your T Shirt needs. These versatile Ts are designed by the fashion moguls themselves - and best of all, each is only $29.99 and ships for free!

Getting started is easy and fun. Just complete a quick StyleProfile by answering a few questions about your favorite looks, your preferred retailers, your accessories of choice and more. The system uses your responses to compile a carefully curated selection of TopStyles - the Ts that best suit your personality and personal style. Need a little more variety? Click “Show Me More Styles” for a wealth of other Ts that run the gamut from runway-worthy to modern to classic. As you browse, be sure to check out the editor’s notes, where Mary-Kate and Ashley offer tips to help you make the most of your T Shirt’s potential.

As for the styling possibilities, they’re endless - and that’s no surprise, given that all of the Ts feature flattering silhouettes and are luxuriously soft. Any StyleMint T can go from desk to date with ease and look phenomenal with anything from a sleek, form-fitting pencil skirt to a pair of relaxed jeans. With new T Shirts available every month, the lineup stays fresh and exciting - and always with your specific style in mind.

Years ago, I pretty much exclusively wore Levi’s® jeans. Then, premium priced denim arrived on the scene and I was somehow convinced that I needed to spend $200 or more on a pair of jeans to get the best fit. I guiltily admit that I’ve invested in many pairs of pricey jeans in my search to find the perfect style for my figure. So, you can imagine my delight when I was recently asked to give Levi’s® new Curve ID Jeans a try with the promise to find the ultimate jeans custom fit for my curves — and for a relatively affordable price of around $78.

I went online and took the simple quiz to determine what kind of curve I have: Slight, Demi, Bold, or Supreme. The quiz told me that I am a Demi curve, so I ordered the Classic Demi Curve Straight Jean in Extra Shade.


When the package arrived a few days later, I excitedly tried on my new Levi’s®. I was thrilled to see that they fit perfectly! No gap in the waist band, which is a common problem for me with a mid-rise jean. Not only are the jeans super flattering, but they’re also comfortable, thanks to the great fit and just enough stretch to provide ease of movement. The straight leg style and ultra dark wash means they’re perfect to wear with a pair of heels, day or night.


I can honestly say that I’m thrilled to have Levi’s® back in my life, and I’d definitely order another pair of Curve ID Demi jeans to add to my wardrobe.

Get your custom fitting at Levi’s® Stores and

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One of the key fashion philosophies we try to stress here at StyleBakery is that money can’t buy style. Even a closet full of designer clothes won’t guarantee a fashionable wardrobe. Likewise, a stylish look can easily be achieved on a meager budget if you know where to shop and what to look for. If you haven’t shopped Kmart recently, you just might be surprised at all the fashionable choices they offer to help you create a stylish fall look.

Here are some of the chic pieces we’re craving from Kmart:


Sponsored: It boils down to the fact that dropping a ton of cash on a trend isn’t an automatic to cool. Style is a cocktail. Part confidence. Part creativity. Part risk. When you got it, you got it. And that’s why others want it. Because money can’t buy style.


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