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Lemonade, iced tea, iced coffee… ahhh, the drinks of summer. Well, there’s a new drink in town and it’s seriously delicious: Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Lattes. Available in 3 flavors — Vanilla Latte, Iced Mocha and Iced Latte — they are cold, yummy, and best of all, convenient. No need to brew your own and wait for it to chill, these Iced Lattes come in a can, available at all major grocery and convenience stores. Even better, they’re just 130 calories each and at $1.49, they cost far less than an iced latte at your favorite coffee shop — the perfect guilt-free indulgence!seattles-best-iced-coffee.jpg

So next time you’re headed to the beach, the pool, a road trip, or a day of shopping, add a Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Latte to your cooler for a delicious on-the-go treat.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Lattes are convenient, cold, and ready for wherever life takes you. With three deliciously bring-along-able options, a great latte is always within reach.

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Media for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer has officially started this week, and along with it comes shorts, swimsuits, and sleeveless dresses. Somehow the season always seems to sneak up on me, and despite promises to myself to work out daily and eat fewer carbs, I’m often too busy to squeeze in an hour at the gym or plan a day’s worth of healthy meals and snacks. The result? I’m feeling a little less than swimsuit-ready.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan. It’s clinically proven and incredibly easy to fit into my busy day. The plan is to pick 3 nourishing snacks a day (a Slim-Fast 100-calorie snack bar, nuts, fruits, or veggies), 2 Slim-Fast shakes, and 1 500-calorie balanced meal.

Replacing my usual breakfast and lunch with a ready-made Slim-Fast shake is beyond easy. And with seriously delicious flavors like Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Delight, I actually look forward to drinking my shakes. With the 3 snacks, I still get to indulge in my favorite fruit and the occasional frozen yogurt, and the 500-calorie dinner gives me the flexibility to eat with my family or go out for dinner, so I never feel deprived.

Who knew it would be this easy to be swimsuit-ready in no time?

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Daiquiri.jpgIs there any drink that conjures up images of relaxing on a beach in the tropics more than a daiquiri? And with good reason! The now-classic cocktail was reportedly first created in Daiquiri, a beach near Santiago, Cuba by an American mining engineer named Jennings Cox around 1905. While entertaining guests, Cox reportedly ran out of gin and used rum instead, mixed with lime juice and sugar — two ingredients that are abundant in Cuba.

Originally, the drink was served with cracked ice in a tall glass. A teaspoon of sugar was poured over the ice and the juice of one or two limes was squeezed over the sugar, followed by two or three ounces of rum. The glass was then frosted by stirring with a long-handled spoon. Eventually, the Daiquirí evolved to be mixed in a shaker using the same ingredients but with shaved ice.

A favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy, the daiquiri has evolved over the years, spawning variations including the frozen daiquiri and Hemingway daiquiri which includes grapefruit juice and maraschino liqueur into the usual run and lime mix.

I suppose we can thank Cox’s shortage of gin over 100 years ago for the invention of the iconic summery cocktail: the hand-shaken daiquiri. This summer, it’s time to rediscover the daiquiri, and as always, drink responsibly.


This summer, rediscover the daiquiri. Bacardi Hand Shaken Daiquiri is the perfect addition to any summer get-together — fun, delicious, and ready to pour. Bacardi Hand Shaken Daiquiri is made with Bacardi Superior Rum, tangy lime and sugar. It is a perfectly balanced cocktail that is not too sour and not too sweet.


When was the last time you got something for nothing? Well, if you are an American Express cardholder and enrolled in their Membership Rewards Program, chances are, you know what I’m talking about.

Most people I know tend to use their Membership Rewards for travel. A free plane ticket or hotel stay is amazing, but I prefer to use mine for something else — shopping! And for someone who loves to shop, every time I use my American Express card to pay for something, I’m earning more points to be used for, you guessed it, shopping! See how that works?

So what have I used my Membership Rewards for? Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve redeemed them for everything from a flat screen TV to a Marc Jacobs bag? Redeeming is super easy at and points never expire.

But more than just allowing me to buy “stuff”, Membership Rewards are like a social currency that opens up a world of possibilities to help connect with others. In addition to enjoying a chic new handbag, I can give back to over a million worthy charities, and use my points to treat my best friend to dinner, my husband to a movie or show, or my kids to a baseball game. That’s a whole lot of something for nothing — the possibilities are endless.

Tell us, what do you use your Membership Rewards for?


About The American Express Membership Rewards Program: The Membership Rewards program from American Express offers more than a million rewards from over 500 brands. The program allows Cardmembers to earn one point for virtually every dollar charged on eligible, enrolled American Express Cards, with many opportunities to earn points faster. Membership Rewards points are redeemable in a wide selection of reward categories. Points have no expiration date, and there is no limit on the number of points a Cardmember can earn. For more information about the Membership Rewards program, visit

American Express social currency

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

Basic beach gets an upgrade with bold hues and body-loving shapes.

Express Swim

The latest women’s swimwear from Express is a striking assortment of bold hues and body-loving shapes in this season’s hottest trends. Their always-popular monokini, sexy string bikini and must-have strapless and halter bikini styles come in gorgeous bright solids and on-trend graphic prints.

Picking up on the season’s top trends like nautical-inspired stripes and sleek metallic styles, there’s a bevy of designer details to be found including flirty ruffles, sexy self-tie sides, glam beaded embellishments and polished metal hardware.

When it comes to swimwear, style is only half the equation; equally as important is a flattering fit. Express swimwear offers removable padding in the tops, and bottoms that fit smaller to size for moderate back coverage. Bikinis are offered as separates, which is essential for finding the perfect fit for your figure.

Given the chance to dive into our own Express swimsuit, we opted for the eternally chic nautical-inspired striped bandeau bikini and matching bottom. With removable straps and interesting hardware detail on the bandeau top, this suit is bound to make a splash at the beach this summer!

Ready to upgrade your basic beachwear? Head over to and check out their newest swim collection. While there, be sure to sign up for the Express e-mail  Advertisement for a chance to win one of 10 $200 Express gift cards!

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