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Vn Lrg Lip TreatmentOur addiction to lip gloss and balms is well documented on this site, so we’re always excited when a unique product crosses our desks. This new organic lip treatment is more of a cream than a balm, so it moisturizes without feeling greasy. It’s full of antioxidants and stimulating essential oils (among other ingredients) that help minimize fine lines while giving lips a smoother fuller look. Created for free radical protection, dryness prevention and healing, it also leaves you with sweet breath.

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Antibacterial Brush Set

We admit to not cleaning our makeup brushes as often as we should, which is why this antibacterial brush set is at the top of our must-buy list. Each of these professional-quality brushes is treated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic compound that attacks and destroys harmful bacteria. Packed in a chic silver trifold case along with a special shampoo. Perhaps we won’t feel quite so guilty the next time we forget to clean them.

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Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss

If you think about how much lip gloss you accidentally ingest, you might as well make sure it’s good for you. Tarte’s new vitamin-infused lip gloss contains BORBA’s nutraceutical blend of age defying and skin protecting ingredients that beautify from the inside out. It also smells delicious and adds a hint of moisturizing, sexy sheen to lips. Available in 3 shades.

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Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss

Antibacterial Brush Set

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