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Yhst35115100298928_1824_167035_1Everyone needs to cheat a little now and then, especially when it comes to looking our best. Wink’s chic little compact features specially-cut single-use highlight powder papers (or "cheat sheets") which deposit a pink/gold sparkle to cheeks, eyes or wherever you need a little glow.

$25 at

Image18Ever wonder why your hair never looks good when you travel?  You can blame it on the water (and not your hormones, the weather, the dry air on the plane…).  Whether it’s hard or soft, water varies widely from city to city causing some unpredictable results with your traditional hair care regime.

With the No More Bad Hair Days travel kit, you’ll never have to worry about dull, limp hair again. Just run one of the included test strips under the water and match the test strip color to one of the 3 shampoos designed to work with a different type of water. The kit also comes with a leave-in conditioner for all hair types.

$19.95 at

Warm2If you’ve ever been frustrated by pre-filled makeup palettes, you’ll love FYLO. This unique kit features cute little "cubes" of lip color that pop easily in and out of a chic black compact (they call them "cubicles").

Redcube_1Choose from over 28 lip colors, 12 glosses and a soothing lip treatment to customize your compact.  The cubicles come in several designs and 2 sizes: one that stores 4 cubes, 2 mini lip pencils and a lip brush and a mini that holds 2 cubes and a lip brush.

Cubicles $10 to $14, Cubes $8 each

For a limited time, receive a free lip gloss with every order over $75 at

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