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DayNa Decker Botanical Chandel

Not only does it emit the comforting crackle of a fireplace, this DayNa Decker Botanika Chandel adds a serene glow to any room. More importantly, it’s planet-friendly: The organic, clean-burning wick is made of EcoWood and the vegetable-based wax is infused with your choice of musk or fruit fragrance. It’s an easy way to add a hint of elegance to any room.

$44 at

Home Chic Home Tool Kit

When boring Home Depot gray just won’t do, a pretty printed tool set is a must. This chic set comes with 7 tools including a pair of black-and-white floral-print scissors, tape measure, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, box cutters and a matching sturdy nylon tool bag.

$68 at

take $5 off your order through 12/31/07, use code: TAKE5

Audrey File Tote

Quite possibly the most stylish office accessory around, the Audrey File Tote  bears a pile of work without being a burden. A graceful and refined alternative to a briefcase, it carries and organizes your folders and documents in five durable pockets. Looking more like a designer handbag than a file folder, it features a sleek coated exterior with stylish embossed detail, interior pattern, and detachable leather straps. Gorgeous!  Available in white or black, five files or eight files.

$58 to $70 at

Dry Cleaner's Secret Quick & Easy Dry Cleaning Cloths

Make fewer trips to the dry cleaner and save money in the process with these smart dry cleaning cloths. Easy and effective for all of your dry cleanable clothes, it’s great for removing odors and stains on most fabrics including wool, cashmere and silk. Just 3 steps and no bag to hassle with, it works in your home dryer in just 20 minutes.

$9.99 for 6 at

Jennifer Grove Candles

This new luxury home care collection is off to a superb start. Its first product offering is a collection of hand-poured soy-based candles. The 6 incredibly inviting fragrances are perfect for creating a mood-enhancing ambiance (our favorite is Rich Espresso Bean). Each candle is housed in a heavy and impressive 13.5 ounce glass and comes packaged in a beautiful box ready for giving. 60+ hour burn time.

$38 or 2/$68 at

15% off through 8/31/07, use code: bakery

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