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Tempting Treat: Frutels, The Vitamin Gummy For Acne

Women spend hundreds of dollars each year on topical skin care products, but often neglect what they’re putting in their bodies. Frutels knows that a clear and healthy complexion starts from the inside out and has created an all-natural gummy candy that delivers powerful antioxidants and micronutrients that help clarify skin. The Frutels formula activates your body’s natural defenses against the causes of acne, which scientific evidence indicates are dietary deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations and stress. And, they taste good, too!

$24.95 for one-month supply at

get 10% off using link above through 11/15/07

Aero Water Tumbler

The recent ABC News report about bottled water wasting energy and filling up landfills has inspired us to forgo our usual Poland Springs bottle in favor of filtered tap water. Not only are we taking a small step towards lowering our environmental impact, but we’re also saving money in the process.

In our search for a satisfying reusable container to fill with tap, we came across these fabulous 16 oz. Aero Water Tumblers. The screw-top lid has a drink-thru straw and a cleverly contoured handle that makes it easy to hold, even when your hands are full. Its practically spill proof, and the double wall body keeps drinks cool.

$6.75 (sale) at

Sweetriot Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs

Each 140 calorie tin of these delicious chocolate covered cacao nibs is a true guiltless pleasure. Containing more antioxidants than any fruit or vegetable, cacao is full of essential minerals that contribute to overall health. They’ll also make you feel better with compounds contained in chocolate that enhance blissful feelings and stimulate a chemical that increases focus and alertness. Available in three flavors varying in dark chocolate intensity, they’re a chocoholic’s dream.

$16.99 for pack of 3 at

get 10% off through 5/31/07, use code: rioting

Grandma's Chicken Soup Gift Package

Nothing warms the spirit like a comforting bowl of chicken soup. Claiming to make the most delicious chicken soup "this side of the Mississippi and North of Boca", now you can order chicken soup straight from Grandma’s kitchen.  We tried it, and the soup truly is delicious!

The perfect get well gift or just when you want to send a little love, this care package includes one half gallon container soup, a jumbo ceramic mug/soup bowl, matching jumbo spoon, oyster crackers, a sugar cookie and a carrot pen. Guaranteed to make any recipient feel good.

$39.50 at

get 10% off through 8/30/07, use code STYLEBAKERY at checkout

Portsmouth Tea Company Budding LoveWe recently discovered this fantastic tea company featuring a huge variety of inventive and traditional teas. Packed in gift-worthy tins, each flavor is a delight. One of our favorites is the fruity and unique Budding Love containing pink and red rose petals blended with heart-shaped sugary pieces, apple, hibiscus and rose-hip peels. Likened to a love potion, we were smitten at first sip.

$7.95 at

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