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d1d5b442babf343abc31ead5d276ff0c8237.jpg.jpegWe’re excited to announce our involvement in a fun new program hosted by Frito Lay: Coordinating with the launch of some delicious new snacks created just for women, they’ve launched a fun, interactive site. The site is focused on 4 fab, funny, fearless females that star in entertaining online webisodes. While there, you can play games and create your very own avatar (see Jennifer from StyleBakery’s avatar, right).

We’ll have more in the coming weeks about our involvement in the program (hint: we’ll be styling some of the fab 4 females!), so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out

Jane Marvel Sunshine Satchel
Sonya Renee Riviera Earrings
Velvet Linnie Gauzy Whisper Wrap

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