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When you start to get to that in-between season - not quite winter, not quite spring - it can be hard to know what to wear. Boots are always a good bet for footwear, but what to do if you’re simply tired of your trusty black knee-highs and want to invest in something that will put a little more spring in your step? Buy something with holes in it, of course!

We’re talking about the newest seasonal transition craze, perforated boots. We know, it sounds kind of odd, but when you consider the engineering that goes into them (perforation is “a hole or series of holes punched or bored through something, especially a hole in a series, separating sections in a sheet or roll”) it’s easy to see why they end up looking to fashion forward. Different boots offer different styles and levels of perforation, with some more delicate than others.

Our favorite is this perforated flat boot from Neiman Marcus, which is so chic we can hardly stand it! There are a multitude of other options as well to fit your specific in-between needs.

District Cotton
Decléor Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Mask
Amy DiGregorio Coolidge Street Bracelet
City Style Metal Handle Tote

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