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P251401CPreferring to leave the plaids and flannels of the early ’90s in the past, these days we’d choose glam over grunge any day of the week. That being said, this buffalo plaid tunic is a nice combination of style and Seattle worn with a chic belt and skinny jeans. Available in 3 colors.

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 5231253Marc’s new line of watches are playful, fun and stylish, all at the same time. This chunky star charm bracelet is one of our favorites, and one we’ll wear all season long. Be sure to also check out the bauble watch necklaces which feature tiny clocks on apples, stars and more.

$200 at

Me702 PipRarely can "chic" be used to describe a vacuum cleaner, but this hand-held vac is so sleek and stylish, there’s no need to hide it in the closet. Super lightweight, this cordless rechargeable beauty rests in an illuminated plug-in charging base when not in use.

$49.95 at

Peep-Toe Bow Wedge

Gp406749-02P01V01These peep-toe bow-trimmed wedges are the perfect style for Fall. Available in plum and black, they’ll complement all your cool-weather looks.

$48 at

 5211582Whether the real thing is for you or not, even the inkless will love these tattoo-inspired pendants from Karyn Cantor. Choose from “true love”, “fly lightly” or “love is a rose” designs to express yourself.

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