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B000Geqedm.01-Alk8Bo8L5Swvz. Aa280 Sclzzzzzzz V65392278 This soothing treat is just what your chapped lips are thirsting for. Reparative oils and butters are mixed with sweet and tart lemon essential oil to create a delectable lip treatment with the aroma of lemon drops. Yum!

$10 at

B000Ew9Ygu.16. Sclzzzzzzz Ss260 V56328854 Sundresses are our favorite way to cover up a swimsuit this season. The best place to shop for these is at Target where you can find really cute styles at cheap chic prices - after all, who wants to worry about ruining a pricey dress with suntan lotion, saltwater or chlorine? We found this cute dress in the junior department for just $17.99. If you’re not wearing a strapless swimsuit, tuck the dress straps in and let your swimsuit straps peek out instead.

$17.99 at

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Expertly pack for your upcoming trip or just make getting dressed each morning a little easier with these genius wardrobe-planning notepads. Each sheet lets you lay out everything from your clothes to your jewelry and accessories a week at a time. It’s also a great way to remember past ensembles - so you won’t have to worry about what you wore to the last meeting with the boss or dinner at Aunt Edna’s.

$8 at

200-12The only thing worse than a hardened noodle stuck to a plate is removing it with chemicals that are harsh for people and the environment.  That’s why we love Method’s line of kitchen cleaners - they smell lovely and go right to work on grease and baked on food.  With such delicious smelling "flavors" as pink grapefruit, lavender and cucumber lemon, these super-convenient dish cubes almost make us look forward to doing dishes.

$5.99 at

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