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You may have seen Keane recently on Saturday Night Live or pehaps you’ve heard their hit single “Somewhere Only We Know”. Their CD is amazing from beginning to end, but our favorite songs include “Bend & Break” and “Everybody’s Changing”.

Hopes and Fears

Add Jean Paul Gaultier to the list of high fashion designers creating affordable lines for mass market brands. His new line for LaRedoute is available exclusively online and includes a playful mix of retro-inspired pieces. All items in this collection feature a nautical theme and a take on Gaultier’s famous blue-and-white stripe motif, all designed with a touch of French flair.

Our favorites include the striped tees ($69.99 to $74.99), trench coat ($79.99) and stiletto mules (54.99). Also cute are the reverse cuff jeans ($49.99) which are cropped and feature a striped cuff.

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